Being a mom is awesome.

A little early on my Mother's Day present, but the kids had special presents for me today. They could hardly wait for me to open it. In fact, Quinn helped me - she was absolutely beside herself.  

It was so amazing and fun to hear them say "Mommy, present for your special day!" Melt. 
And I love anything handprint so these just made my day.

Our handprint magnets - pictures from Muffins with Mommy at school. Ryan looks protective because, well, he was. He kept telling everyone in a very possessive voice, "This is MY mommy. MY mommy. Not yours.". 

My tote bag they made me with their handprints. 

Quinn has now claimed it as her new bag. What a shocker.

On the way home from school today, I decided to do something I've never done and get them a little vanilla shake. Only the small vanilla shakes from McD's are not really small. They are actually quite large. And I probably ruined their dinner. Oh, well. At any rate, I asked them both for a sip. They told me without hesitation, "NO!". Then my little smart a$$ told me "Mommy, you have your diet coke. Drink that. Turn around, Mommy. No sip for you." Oh, lord help me. Where in the world does she get that sass from???

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