Preschool Year in Review - Quinn (2012-2013)

You'll have to forgive me for all the pictures I am about to inundate you with. See, we have the neatest preschool. Not only did their teacher make each child an absolutely adorable scrapbook (and I mean, adorable. Like it would have taken me years to do what they did), they also gave us a CD with 200+ on it from the entire year. I'm not going to post all 200 clearly but I did want to post some to show the transition of R&Q all the way through the year. 

Quinnie had a wonderful year at school. I'm taking the following from the teacher's notes home to us and what she tells me:

  • Her favorite activities were anything art-related and cooking.
  • When it comes to art, she is a big believer that quantity trumps quality. Not that her projects wasn't well done, but she just was all about coloring the most lines, stamping the most pages, gluing on the most flowers, etc. Most of the time she would come home with 2 or 3 projects vs Ryan's one because she would go as fast as she could to get onto the next thing.
  • She loves to be first. First in line for everything. (I saw this at The Little Gym as well). She has no fear of trying anything new. I love that about her --- she's willing to give it a go, not knowing if she will be successful or not the first time out of the box. I think that's an amazing quality.
  • She was very motherly at school. Always checking on Ryan and protecting him, which I think is hilarious. 
  • She was teacher's helper a lot of the time, always wanting to help pick up. I really would appreciate if she would institute more of this at home :)
  • She's definitely opinionated and runs on Quinnie's time. When she doesn't want to do something, she won't do it. And there's not a darn thing you can do about it.
  • She is massively determined and is always on the go. Most of the pictures show her in full-on serious mode, going from one place to another to another. Always on a mission. And what's funny is that now that we are out and about more in stores, strangers are picking up on that too --- they always comment that Quinnie runs the show :) Yes, that would be a fairly accurate statement.
  • This one was interesting to me but makes sense now -- after flipping through the pictures, we noticed that she rarely smiled in any of the pictures where they were supposed to put on masks, hats, anything that covered her face or nose. In fact, she looked, well, P.O'ed. It dawned on Matt and I that we believe this is a leftover symptom of all her time in the hospital. I think somewhere in the back of her mind, she remembers what that was like - having people put masks on her, oxygen tubes, etc. And it pretty much breaks my heart that it's still part of her psyche. 
  • The songs, chapel time, prayer time, and just overall spiritual guiding from their teachers has further fueled both kids to fall more in love with Jesus. Which is pretty much my ultimate goal. 

Ok, so onto "some" pictures:

Thanksgiving '12

Thanksgiving Feast

Owl hat


The miracle of group sleep

This girl's first popsicle!

Class enjoying popsicles

Easter 2013

I think she liked it :)

Cooking at Christmas - see focused!

Not afraid to get dirty


Fire engine day

More cooking

More cooking :)

On some sort of mission

The hair growth astounds me

Haha, not happy about something!

1st day of school with owl hat - not pleased


Ohhh, there's the smile :)

Muffins with Mommy

They for sure kept them busy!

Making lemonade

Rodeo day


Dazed after the rodeo parade

On another mission

Going somewhere.

Class pictures on the playground

I'm sorry but this cracks me up - she's literally rolling her eyes (Valentines Day 2013)

Easter 2013

Lasso for rodeo day

I love the sweetness of this picture

Music/Movement class

Making bagels

She loves horses ever since Rodeo Day

Playing with their friend Asher. (He came over once a week the entire spring to play with them after school so they were triplets on Mondays : ) )


Pajama Day

More Music class

See? We don't like stuff on our head

Probably the 2nd day of school in September 2012. Just a baby!

Now a full blown toddler

Music/Movement Easter 

This is another miracle. All these kids know exactly where to sit and STAY

Best daddy ever

Daddy offering up another one (Bubba doesn't like donuts)

Probably begging for another donut

Donuts with Dad



Car wash day - getting the cars ready for summertime!

Easter Egg hunting

Hat day

Movie day

Again - the stuff on our heads

Official school picture - October 2012

Loved our 2 year old preschool experience!

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