Preschool Year in Review - Ryan (2012-2013)

Same disclaimer from Quinn's post. Lots of pictures :)
 Good for the ole bloggy book that I'll print up one day.

Let's see - here's a few details on Ryan's life at Preschool:

  • Ryan's favorite activities were music and playing outside. Oh, and playing with cars inside. He dominated the cars.
  • At first he really, really disliked art. Like his projects would come home with the pieces for us to do at home. Slowly but surely, he eased his way into it and a few months later I had completed art :) However, he loses interest in that quickly and definitely doesn't follow Q's quantity theory.
  • Ryan is definitely my more patient child. And he doesn't have to be first. He likes to scope things out first before diving into something new.
  • Most ironic memory? His teacher telling me how he was so excited to see the firetrucks from inside, but once he went outside, he FREAKED. Wanted nothing to do with it. Even though he sleeps with a firetruck every night.
  • I get the feeling he didn't love to be in the middle of the action. He does very well playing independently and I think enjoys that the most.
  • Preschool drained him. Like seriously sucked the life out of him. He came home almost every day and just wanted to lay on the couch and watch Mickey. After 5 1/2 full hours of playing and activity, I have zero problem with that. And I totally get it. After hours of being with people, this pretend extrovert just wants to chill out and be by myself.
  • He LOVED his teachers. He always talked about them, even from the beginning when his vocabulary was just developing.
  • He absolutely loves any songs that he would pick up from school and would sing them constantly.
  • And just like Quinnie, his love for Jesus (and knowledge of Him) is growing. We say our prayers at naptime every day and it pretty much makes my heart explode.

And here are Ryan pictures (note: some repeats from Quinn's but I want him to have his own page)

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