"We love because He loved us first"

God first, family second...
"We love because He loved us first" (1 John 4:19)
A couple of weekends ago we were privileged to go visit our families in Austin - first stopping by my brother and Christina's for a late night home-cooked dinner, complete with 3 crazy dogs.

Denver is "hookin' em" after Texas wins (sadly they would be defeated by LSU just a short week later but we will keep this post a nice one :)

Matt and his parents - we went to Gruene Hall outside Austin to hang out for the day. So much fun. So much sun. Too hot. I'm too old for this. But Matt's brother Christian & wife Stacey (it was her birthday), my favorite niece Riley, and Stacey's parents joined us so it was a mini-reunion. In 120 degree heat. ha.

My sweet little niece. She has yet to meet a camera she doesn't like. Or that doesn't LOVE her!

Riley girl and I again - watching the "tubers" in the river below - the water was wayyyy low. They were basically walking, not floating. Entertaining for us, probably not so much for them.

Later that night, meeting out Matt's sister Emily & husband Zeb. The Roadhouse. The end.

Matt & Zeb

Em & Zeb

Finally the 4 of us - ignore the background.

Matt, Em & Zeb

Meg & Matt

We're in this together - 3 legged and all :)


The family at Gruene. We are so blessed.

My sis-in-law Em. Love.

My other (very tan) sis-in-law, plus Max. I am so lucky to have great in-laws. Seriously

And the girl above (Christina) married a guy who wears a drink holster. For his coca-colas of course. I admire her. But I bought it for him, so what does that say about me?

And when you are a part of this family, dogs follow. This is the monster dog, Denver. Sweet guy. Large head. Way too big. Taller than me. Evidence above.

Amazingly blessed with a great family & extended family. We are so lucky to live closer now to see everyone more often. Love you all!!

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