Dear Kids Across the Street

Dear Kids that live across the street (or next door to us):

For months (ok, 3 years now), I have driven past your bicycles, tricyles, skateboards, etc that you have left "parked" in our cul-de-sac. So conveniently in front of our driveway. Thank you!!!

Each time I see them, I am overcome with the urge to run them over. You ride recklessly without abandon (usually bobbing & weaving in front of our vehicles) and then leave them haphazardly turned over wherever they may fall.

My anger and frustration got the best of me today. Pick up your toys, darn it. Didn't your parents teach you better?

I vividly remember cruising around our cul-de-sac when I was little BUT I always remember putting up my playthings. It was a mandate from the parents. So I expect nothing less. Gosh, remember when parents would say something and kids would actually do it???

I am tired of the bobbing and weaving that has to occur for me to pull in my own driveway. Each time this happens I am tempted to run them over in pure frustration but I always resist. Until today.

Today, not so much. Too bad boys... you caught me on a rough day. So, I apologize for your mangled mess that used to be called a bicycle.

The Pilot, I am happy to report, took the bikes like a champ and not a dent to be found. One point to the Clanahan's.And I do recall last year on the 4th, bottle rockets & other skimming over my roof and barely avoiding the patio to smolder out in the grass. This cannot happen this year.

Remember the bike.

I can only imagine what may happen if I see one firework land in my yard.

And now I am officially the grumpy neighbor.

Yay. I might as well be 80, rocking on my front porch, muttering under my breath at "the kids these days". SWEET.

NOTE: I am not this cold-hearted. I would never run over a child's bike.

I would only retrieve it from my driveway and hide it in my garage, never to be seen again.

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Lisa said...

Blame the parents, not the kids. I would be totally peeved too.