Family Vacay Flashbacks

So next Friday Matt and I are leaving on 10 day trip --- are we taking a plane? No. Are we going to some exotic locale? Nope. We are heading on a driving/road (read: Meagan mostly sleeping) trip across the Southeast. Plans are to make it to 'Bama the first day, land in Savannah for 2 nights(totally hitting up Paula Deen's restaurant!!), Hilton Head for 4 nights, and then back around again swinging into H-town the following Sunday.

I am still trying to convince Matt that there just HAS to be a casino between here and there where I can try my hand at a few rounds of blackjack, but so far he isn't buying. Apparently a trip to the beach is a present enough for me. Touche. But I wouldn't mind throwing down a chip or 10. I'm just sayin'.

I think this little trek is prep for the trips we will almost certainly take with our kids. Both of us grew up with these type of "road" trips. Because I always traveled so extensively with soccer, our "fancy" family vacays were few and far between. And Matt's family pretty much traveled in the same style - rolling in the "Good Times Van" - don't ask. I didn't name it.

Or have a part in the name, if you know what I mean.

So after hitting up fancy dancy little resorts all over the Carribean and Mexico in recent years, we decided to travel this year in full-out family style -taking pictures at rest stops, eating at greasy spoon diners (and probably a Waffle House or 5), and then just RELAXING. Can't wait.

Completely brings back memories of trips from when I was little - when my parents would just wake us up one morning and tell us to pack our bags and throw us in the car. We didn't have a plan or reservations, EVER! But just a dream to drive till we hit -- well, actually I don't think we ever had an ultimate destination in mind.


There are rumors of that skid marks still remain across a lonely little highway in Alabama where my dad had just HAD IT UP TO HERE with us kids. For about a second. And then my version goes like this: he took one look into my innocent big eyes and just couldn't be mad anymore :)

I think the next trip included more entertainment for us - including the ever-revered Gameboys with Tetris and Dr. Mario. But then we quickly figured out that we could link those bad boys up and still get in fights. Poor parents. They never had a chance. sigh.

But I do have the fondest memories from those trips - like the time we piled out of the car to go into the finest Waffle House in Dalhart, TX only to sprint back to the car to grab our full fleece blankets to BRING INTO THE RESTAURANT. Classy.

Or when we fished every pond/stream/lake/spring/river/outhouse in CO and didn't catch one darn thing - until we landed upon a stock fishing pond on our way out of town. Cost my dad a pretty penny that day - but man, we had some beautiful rainbow trout.

Or the time we watched this most amazing wall cloud form in Kansas after visiting my dad's grandparent's graves. On one hand, I was convinced we were going to be taken out by a tornado at any second, but on the other I was just enraptured by the beauty of it. And so was my dad. He was meant to be a storm chaser in another life.

It was a great way to show the kids the country - and get them out of the Plano bubble we grew up in. So, Matt and I decided appropriately it might be a good way to kick off our family venture. Expect lots of pictures! I have been blog & facebook picture happy lately - but it's been so fun to capture those memories again.

To be honest, after the hurricane and losing soooo many pictures and special memories, many of them taken during the first 2 years of our marriage, I just got disillusioned with the whole picture thing. But I am back on the bandwagon full force. So, if you run across me anytime soon - I will most likely take your picture. And then post it. Be prepared.


L said...

Rykert and I have become experts at the cross-country road trip. However, we find that we have different styles: I like to stop at every point of interest and mall and he likes to stop at the destination and as little as possible on the way.

I did however, get him to detour a few years ago in Memphis to Graceland. We both took one look at the mob scene and decided to keep on driving. And we also visited Iowa's Largest Frying Pan a few years ago. Love that kind of stuff!

I've seen some excellent books about weird stops and great diners. You should check out Jane and Michael Stern's Road Food website for greasy dining options along the way.

Lisa said...

I totally remember when you and your parents would just be on a vacation all the sudden. I think our vacations were planned the year before. But I'm sure yours were just as fun and exciting. I'm SOOOOO excited to go to CO next month. Would you believe I've only been to CO once in the summer and it was to Colorado Springs for one of my brothers soccer tournaments.

Anyway, have a blast on your vacations. Stay awake some to hang out with Matt. Tell Matt if he's bored while you are sleeping to call us. Take lots of pictures. My brother is in Hilton Head right now and having a blast!! I know you guys will too. Maybe one of these days we will have to take a family road trip with you guys! How fun would that be?! Disney here we come :)

Mimi said...

I hope you have a lot of fun on your vacation. This was the first vacation with my step daughters and it was SCARY CRAZY!!! I mean, to the point where I wanted to rip my hair out!! Have fun while you can! LOL LOL