We've got a new look!

It's been said, it's all in the name.

So as I got more into this blogging thing, I became convinced that I needed to have a semi-clever tagline that would clearly illustrate who I am, as a Christian, a person, a wife, friend, daughter, and sister. I started thinking back to what things are important to me and a couple came to mind: my faith; my cajun heritage; my husband; my family.

How to blend those all together was the tricky part. Through some back and forth name-tossing with my mom, I think we finally hit it, "It's All About the Roux".

Now those of you who aren't from the south or who may not cook, you may be thinking "What?". I know, it's a little obscure. But let me explain.

A Roux is defined as "a mixture of fat and flour used to thicken sauces, soups, etc". HUHHH? Where is she going with this?

It's very often used in cajun cooking - and is probably one of the most challenging aspects of creating those Cajun masterpieces, like gumbos, etoufees, etc. It literally is the basis for so many dishes. Let it go too long, and it will burn (and force you to not only start over, but to open every window & door to clear the air).

Not enough cooking and you will still taste the pasty flour remnants. You must constantly stir and stir (and stir again) until you get that very precise brownish color you are looking for.

Patience is the key with the roux.

Ironic, huh - since I am absolutely the most patient person. Yeah. Right.

As I was thinking about it, to create the roux, you need not only the said butter and fat as the base, but you also need the proper tools. A great dutch oven or heavy cast iron skillet, wooden spoon, and strong muscles :)

The way I look at it (in my terribly dysfunctional way) - my "roux" so to speak, is my faith. It is simply the basis on which I build everything else upon. If my faith burns and gets thrown in the trash, then I have nothing left to build a great dish.

My faith is a journey - much as a roux is. It takes care, constant attention and love over a period of time, using the proper tools - prayer, fellowship, service to others to name a few.

And when I finally get that right, I am free to enjoy the fruits of my labor with my family, friends, co workers, and neighbors.

So simply, my blog is "All About the Roux". In here, you will find mostly sarcastic stories, some sweet ones, and other ones that could probably be forgotten - but they are all based on the important things that make our lives work. And when those all come together, in perfect harmony, on that one perfect day - it is magic.

And my gumbo is heaven-sent. Believe it.post signature


Lisa said...

Very suiting Meagan! Love the new look.

Mimi said...

Love the new look honey! What a great heading too. Of course, I am not much of a cook so I had no clue what that meant. Thank you for clearifying it! Also, my hubby would absolutely LOVE your cooking. I make one meal that is cajun. My jumbalaya. He is very big into New Orleans style food. He has been there so many times through mission trips. That's all he wanted to eat! LOL

You may have to pass along some of your cajun recipes! LOL


Amy said...

Mmmmm..... Love the new design, and love the tagline! LSU girls make GREAT GUMBO! It's my mother-in-law's specialty and her New Year's Day tradition. I crave it all year until I have it too. Mmm.... I can taste it now.

H said...

I love it, Meagan!

And yesterday, since I have nothing else going on this week, I started a blog too. I need some time before it will be as fancy as yours :)


Carolyn Valentín said...

cute blog. I am a friend of Lisa's from college and saw your blog from hers. Wanted to say hi to Matt. I will be reading your blog as I have a lot of spare living in Austria with no work yet! until the german lessons begin soon...