Giving Back of the "Perfect Gift"

For those of you who know me personally--- you know that I am not fond of a couple of things...

#1. Having my picture taken and

#2. Being in a video.

All of these people who want to get famous by going on reality shows --- well, I just can't relate to that. I will do almost anything to hide from the camera. And to see my life (and bad hair days played out for an audience every week - forget it!!!)

But a few months ago, I felt completely convicted to help get a blood drive going at our church to help babies such as Quinn and her bestie Caroline, not to mention all of the other thousands of people who benefit from the "gift of life". So, that has been my pet project the last couple of months and it will culminate in a drive on Sunday, Nov. 28th (9am-3pm) at our church.

 If you live in the West Houston/Katy/Richmond area and are interesting in donating, please comment and let me know. If you cannot donate or do not live in the area, I sincerely ask you to please be in prayer for the donors and recipients alike that day.

So, all of that being said -- and my preference for not videotaping myself, we of course made a video that was played this morning at church. If I could have crawled into a corner and hidden effectively, I would have. But my love for Quinn and my passion for this cause trumps all of that. So for better, for worse, here's the video. I don't know if you will cry like I did -- but hopefully maybe one or two of you will be moved to give "the perfect gift" this season.

In His Hands Always,

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Praying For Abby Grace said...

Okay, I am officially SOBBING!!! Right before I ready this post, I was reading and crying about Caroline coming home soon and then I came to your blog to watch this video!! Cannot wait until all of our babies are big enough to understand what miracles they are. So thankful for you friend.