Ryan & Quinn are 5 Months Old!

I say it every time I write one of these... but seriously, where does the time go? My little babies are turning into little people. And while that has its advantages (ie: sleeping mostly through the night, consistent routines, and fun play time), I miss the sleepy little babies I brought home. I think that's why some people get pregnant right about this stage --- I went through that when they were about 3-4 months old and I was so wanting to do it again. Crazy talk!! I think we will wait until the kids are at least almost potty trained.

Anyway, here we go:

Ryan: What You Are Up To @ 5 Months Old:

- I haven't a clue what you weigh right now. I am guessing somewhere in the 14 1/2 - 15lb range. You are getting big and you have a buddah belly and I love it :)

- You are smiling and giggling almost all the time now. You are such a happy and pleasant baby. You wake up happy and go to sleep happy.

- You had your first cold/virus last week. Momma felt so bad because I am quite sure I gave it to you. I had not been feeling well & went to the doctor and sure enough, the next day you were snotty and not so happy. But that only lasted a little while, and then you went back to your happy (albeit snotty) self. The humidifier seemed to do it's job and you are mostly recovered.

- You can wear 3-6 month clothes now!!! So exciting. Except that I think you are going to be a little small guy b/c the 6 months fit your belly but I can't see your feet --- am I going to have to get your Carter's tailored? ha.

- You rolled over back to belly for the first time on November 1st, 2010. You have been working soooo hard on it and a lot of times, that is the only time you cry --- you were so frustrated that you couldn't get that big head over. But you finally did it! And this morning (Nov. 2nd), I went to wake you up and you were flat on your belly, still wrapped in your blanket with your favorite lovey in your arms (Thanks, Amy!). Scared me to death initially and then I came to my senses and took a picture before waking you. And this afternoon, during both of your naps, you did it again. Yikes! I've said from the beginning that you were going to be a tummy sleeper - looks like I'm right.

- You are such a light in our lives!!! You bring so many smiles to our faces and I love to cuddle with you --- I call you my little cuddle monkey, because you can snuggle like no other! Love you, little (big!) guy!

Quinn: What You Are Up To @ 5 Months:

- My guess is that you are almost 13lbs now... we will find out on Friday for your monthly weigh in. But you have been packing on the pounds and it shows -- in the best way possible. Those chubby cheeks - irrestible!!

- You are solidly in 3 month clothing now. So much fun now that I have cuter options for you. We dress up every day and you almost always have a bow in your "hair". Well, sweetheart, your hair hasn't quite grown in yet, but that's what hair bands are for!

- You too are such a happy baby!!! You have gotten to this full chuckle that makes me almost cry because I am laughing so hard at you. You LOVE it when I nibble on your toes or your hands. When you aren't feeding, you are just about the most content baby. You love to laze in your nap nanny or bouncy and just chill.

- You are freakishly strong for such a small child!!! You can pull your head up so high now and you roll from belly to back without even thinking about it. The other day you must have performed your little trick at least 10 times in a row. You are working so hard on back to belly but sometimes you are just content to lie on your back and babble at the ceiling. You are also getting so much stronger on your sitting. You can hold a sit position for a good 15-20 seconds now (and then you topple over like a little bobble head!)  But it's just a matter of time - you'll get there soon I'm sure!

- Your feedings have improved so much. You are on rice cereal now (in your bottle) and I think you like the taste and consistency better. We have also started spacing your feedings further apart instead of trying to force you every 3 hours. For some reasons, 3 hours and 15 minutes works for you --- don't know why, but I'm not questioning it! You still have at least one rough bottle a day, but at least most days we don't have hysterics which is lovely for both of us :)

- You are looking soooo healthy now! I don't think most people would know that you have such a serious heart defect. But you are doing so well. Your fiestiness continues to serve you well and I KNOW you are going to be just fine after all of this. And guess what? We haven't even been to the doctor for you in at least 3 weeks -- that's a record!!

- Quinnie, you are my heart. You are so much like me that it scares me :) Ha. Independent and fiesty, but lovable and charming all at the same time (wait, I'm not saying I'm lovable & charming --- I'm more of the independent! -- so lovable and & charming you must have gotten from your daddy!) I love to see you grow and blossom every day.

Love you, my little blessings. My heart bursts wide open every morning.

Always in His Hands,

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Eugenie Anderson said...

Happy, Happy Birthday....Quinn and Ryan! Wow 5 months old.....wish I were in Houston today to hug ya'll!
Miss my little sweeties!
Love, Gigi