Things People Say...

As the twins and I are getting out a little bit more these days, it never fails to crack me up at the things people say to us. I am actually always a bit shocked that people notice us --- since I have at least 3 friends who had twins all within 3 or 4 months of Ryan & Quinn, I just don't think of twins being that out of the ordinary. But I guess there is something cool about babies and twins - so there ya go.
And people, for the most part, are so kind and incredibly gracious. I have never had so many doors opened for me in my life. And people let us cut in line all the time. Unbelievable really, when you consider sometimes that we live in a pretty self-absorbed society. I have been so pleasantly surprised and immensely grateful to them all. Especially to the wonderful lady who walked me to the front of the line on Voting Day so I didn't have to stand in the rainy & cold weather outside for 45 minutes. Awesome!

But anyway, in no particular order, my favorite utterings from perfect strangers:
(Authors Note: MOST people say the sweetest things, I just happen to think the following are amusing. So they are not exactly indicative of what we always hear, except #2 seems fairly popular and #5 as well)

1. Oh, you have a boy and a girl! So lucky! Are they identical??? (I questioned this one a bit (High School Biology was failing me) until I googled it and found that absolutely not, boy/girl twins cannot be identical - just fyi)

2. Do twins run in your family? (I still have yet to come up with a good response for this one --- I am fairly open about our infertility in most instances with friends and obviously to the strangers on this blog, but I don't think the lady working at Children's Place necessarily needs to know.)

3. Shouldn't you have a license to drive that thing? (Referring to my "boat" of a double stroller)

4. Twins! Oh, my gosh! Did you have a surrogate? (SERIOUSLY?!! Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you about it standing in the line at Pot Belly getting my TKY)

5. Oh, you are so brave to take them out by yourself! (Because I am just supposed to sit at home watching Bravo re-runs?)

6. That poor, poor girl. (Said from one woman to another at DSW, as they shook their heads in sadness & disbelief at me. Nice.)

7. Please tell me you have a full-time nanny to help you. (ummm, no. Although we had that 2 weeks of the night nanny which was a complete God-send, this is totally doable at the moment. If we throw another kid in the mix at some point, then I may need more sitters!)

8. Are you going to have more children? (Maybe, but I am probably not going to discuss my family planning with you at Which Wich. Obviously, we go and pick up a lot of sandwiches these days. Mostly to get out of the house and get some fresh air - it's a lot of work for just a sandwich but sometimes I think it's a savior for my sanity.

9. You had twins? But you are so SHORT. (Not small, SHORT. Because there are stature requirements to having twins)
Anyway, I know there are more - but just thought I would throw those out there. I actually do love having conversations with all of these people --- and amazed how many people really do care. It's been enlightening to say the least :)

I will say this... when I see both of my kids tucked away in their stroller, happy little smiles on their content little faces --- I am just blown away by God's Grace and our blessings. They make me smile every.single.day.

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The L's said...

Love this post!!! Glad you and the kiddos are doing so great!

The Brewers said...

hi meagan, I don't know if you remember me, my daughter, Karsyn, was caddy cornered from Quinn at TCH. We have boy girl twins as well and I L-O-V-E this post!! We get these exact same comments and I feel just as you do about the "do twins run in your family question"!!!
My other favorite - as I'm pushing my double stroller with both babies in it - "do you have twins?" nope, just enjoy taking others peoples babies is this enormous stroller!!
So glad Quinn is doing well we think of you guys often and will definitely keep you on our prayer list.