A Time of Thanks

So, it's a little early in November to do a list of thanks, but I wanted to get ahead of myself for once. The end of November looks a little crazy, so I doubt I'll get to it. Look at me - no procrastination :) ha.

It's no secret that I love fall. I love the weather (better hair days!), the smells, the colors, the food, and pretty much everything else. I broke out the fall decorations in early October and it brings a smile to my face (although probably not to Martha Stewarts) to see our fall decor. I am not a crafty person and I am not a good interior decorator. If I had it my way, I would order just pages out of Pottery Barn exactly as shown and be as happy as a clam. But I tried this year to put something together --- and at least with the candles burning a lovely cranberry apple smell, it smells like fall :) The look is debatable, but oh well...thank you, Super Kroger for the awesome burnt orange placemats for $2.99.

Ok, so my thankful list, in no particular order:

I am thankful for:

1. Numero uno - my babies. Enough said. (although more will probably be said later)

2. An amazing husband who continues to spoil me with his time, love, affection, and amazing daddy-skills. As soon as he gets home from work, he is down on the ground playing with the babes so I can have a few minutes of "me" time. I have no idea how I got so lucky.

3. For Ryan's big grin first thing in the morning after a great nights sleep - it melts my heart!

4. For Quinn's huge giggles when we play --- the other day I was just laughing so hard because it was such a precious sound.

5. For Diet Coke. Lots and lots of diet coke. Especially from Sonic. With the ice.

6. For lazy Saturdays. Few and far between --- but lovely, lazy, football - watching, family togetherness Saturdays.

7. For Baked Cheetos. I heart you.

8. On a related food note - leftover Halloween candy, especially you, Baby Ruth. I don't remember ever really liking Baby Ruths in the past, but I am a HUGE fan now. Actually, that's a thankful and a loathe --- I need to get rid of all the candy!

9. For my friends - my far-away & local together. I feel incredibly blessed. They know just when to call or email to check in. I only pray that I am as good of a friend to them as they are to me.

10. For my church body - they have been so incredibly supportive of our journey & continue to lift our family up in prayer. I am so incredibly grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives.

11. For the nap nanny - a dear friend lent it to us and Quinn LOVES it. It keeps her so happy while she digests her food and mommy can clean some bottles.

12. For the dishwasher - which I run way too often. My hands were literally bloody with washing so many things all the time. Lovely, right?

13. For our amazing families - that would have been higher on the list but I got distracted with Halloween candy. We are so lucky to have such great moms, sisters and brothers, and of course, nieces. Looking so forward to spending some quality Holiday time with them all.

14. For Thanksgiving at home this year --- we are being a little selfish and having Thanksgiving here instead of traveling the "Texas Tour". 14a. Future thanks for the oyster dressing courtesy of my mother that is to come!

15. For a solid job for my husband so I can stay at home and raise these precious ones.

16. For babysitters!

17. For my magazines that I faithfully follow: Food Network, Rachael Ray & People - allows me a little break from the real world and dreams that I could actually have time to cook a few of those meals.

18. For a husband who is willing to eat chicken, baked potatoes and brocolli every.single.week. And leftovers. And tacos. But he loves taco night.

19. For a family who has brought us food every Sunday since Quinn came home from the hospital. It has been such an amazing treat and we feel incredibly spoiled. (and I am jealous because she cooks WAY better than me)

20. For all of my friends currently expecting new little bundles of joy - at last count there was about 9!!! Bring them on, my kids need playmates :)

21. For Mommies Night Out - enough said. It's necessary.

22. For clean sheets and a clean house -- it doesn't happen often, but when it does, I revel in it.

23. For my kids happily babbling on the play mat as I write this.

24. For my camera that has captured so many fun images over the past few months. I love looking back at all the pictures and seeing how much the babies have grown! 24a. For facebook - to be able to share with family & friends how the twins are doing and keep in touch with new & old friends. I have rekindled some great friendships on facebook, as crazy as that sounds!

25. Lastly, thankful for God and how He continues to work in our lives. I see His Hand in so many things. I thank Him for His patience with me...the selfish girl I can be.

That's my list for the month --- I am sure there is much, much more. But some babies would like to be bathed & fed at some point this evening.

In His Hands Always,

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Amy said...

I love your thankful list. Made me laugh. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics of Ryan & Quinn. They are so freakin cute, I cannot get enough of them!