1 Year Pictures.. Finally!

I am finally getting around to post our one year pics -- Lord, it was a hot day. I think next year we'll just take them in April and call them their "2 year" pics. Mid-way through the shoot, Ryan was coated with sweat, Q's face was flushed and both Matt and I were dripping with sweat (thankfully we were NOT being photographed that morning!)

As always, thank you to my dear friend, Kendra (http://www.kendramartinphotography.com/) for her awesome work and patience with our bunch. So I leave you with a lot of pictures--- and trust me, this is just half of what Kendra gave me - and she even deleted half of what she took! Good lord.

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The Wests said...

So precious!

Lisa Johnson said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! Hope y'all are doing well!

The L's said...

So cute!!!