Whoa, and we are on the go!

For the past few weeks, Quinn has been working on taking her steps. She took her first ones on vacation about 6 weeks ago and has been practicing hard ever since. The look of sheer determination on her face just cracks me up. And when she falls down or hits something, she just picks herself right back up and tries again. Love that perseverance! Anyway, we finally got a good video yesterday of it, so here it is.

 (And we aren't purposefully leaving Ryan out - he's just not walking yet. The boy LOVES to crawl. He will stand unassisted for 30-45 seconds but doesn't want to take that step. He loves to cruise though so I am hoping the more he sees Quinn toddling around the kitchen, the more eager he will be to take a few steps. Or maybe actually I will prefer him to wait awhile. She's already a hot mess and walking is getting her in even more fun trouble :) But we'll get a special video of him up here this weekend. He's super cute right now and really starting to talk. He must take after his momma, because as soon as he is finished with his afternoon snack, he ASKS for a nap! "Apppp! Apppp!". Heart. Melt.

And here's another one that could potentially get us in trouble but I love how quickly Q recovered from her fall. One thing is for sure - you can't take your eyes off this girl for a second. She likes to take her Thomas the Train over to the couch and climb up on it and then climb onto the couch like she's some princess. If Thomas is unavailable, then she will pull down every pillow off the couch and make her own springboard to the couch. Needless to say, she can't be trusted with anything. Anyway, Matt took this video while I was at the store this week (I was NOT supervising or approving this activity!) Can we say, "ooopsie daisy?"

Have a great weekend. I am off to take some vitamin C, heavy duty antibiotics and a nap. Matt was so kind to share his illness with me so now Mommy is down and out. Sort of. We're never really off-duty, are we, fellow Moms?

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Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

nope, when momma goes down.. the whole ship sinks :) feel better soon

Praying For Abby Grace said...

Look at that Princess walk!!! Seriously, I had tears in my eyes just watching her. I know you are so proud :)