And We Finally Made It To Galveston...

Hmmm, so we've lived in Houston for 5 plus years, and we have never made it down to Galveston. I don't really have a reason why we haven't, we just never made the effort for the 1 hour trip. Pathetic, yes. Anyway, when my amazing friend, Lisa, told me that her family would be headed to the "coast" for a week and asked us to meet up with them, I was thrilled. Namely, to see Lisa and her precious family - and also to finally see Galveston. Florida beaches it is not, but it's still sand, water, surf, and all that good stuff. And none of the medical supply waste or tar of years past. Different story.

The trip almost didn't happen for a couple of reasons, but we pulled it together last minute to head down there. And oh my goodness, if we are going to be gone for 8+ hours, we might as well be gone for 3 days because we need just as much stuff. We toted down pack 'n plays (plural because the twins can't sleep together), 2 space saver high chairs (because we can't miss meals), 1 bag for the babies with 3 changes of clothes and 2 swimsuits, and 1 bag for Matt and I with 2 changes of clothes and 2 swimsuits (in case Quinn got any ideas and decided to throw up like the last time we were at the beach).

We finally made it down there and how wonderful it was to be there! I felt almost transported even though we were only 1 1/2 hours from home. Instantly relaxed. And happy to be the in the company of one of my best friends who I see far less than I would like. (And in case you are new the blog, Lisa and Adam were also our matchmakers way back in 2001 --- they've now been married 8 years and have 3 precious girls --- and Adam & Matt remain close to this day as well). I also had not seen her parents in YEARS so it was great to catch up with them as well and introduce the babies to them.

We were only on the beach off and on for 5 or 6 hours, but it was great. We brought the babies' floaties, and they were happy as clams... well, Ryan was a little tired by the time we got out in the water, but Quinn lived it up. Between the 2 of us, Lis and I tried to capture some fun pics. However, like she said, Q is hard to capture in a picture. In her words, she was either pulling her hat off, pulling Ryan's hat off, trying to crawl out of the pool, or jump out of Grace's arms. So this is what we got. I am thrilled, though, that Lis got our 1st family pic in the ocean. Pardon our paleness. We don't take in too many Vitamin D's around this place. Too hot and we stay pretty close to the AC these days.

Thanks, Lisa & Adam, for having us down for the day! Love you guys!

Seriously, this child doesn't smile, cry or do anything without the "nose scrunch". Where did that come from? And look at those teeth!!

And that would be my son. He will wear his hat. Happily.

My daughter, on the other hand, will not.

Who needs beach toys when you have water bottles? Endless entertainment.

The newest addition to the D family - meet Miss Layla! She slept for a good 2-3 hours on the beach (under a tent and shade of course. What a lucky girl!)

Matt's chilling in his sweet hat.

The boys. Matt, Adam, and Mr. Brooks (I'm pretty sure he has a first name. and I know it, but I've known him since I was 11, so he will always be "Mr. Brooks")

The ocean. It actually was prettier than this picture shows. (Oh and that's Lisa and Mrs. Brooks (who also has a first name that I will NEVER call her) in the ocean)

Gracie playing in the water.

Quinn is of course exploring.

My sand babies!

Then again, the "nose scrunch".

Family pic --- whoa, things have changed. No more 2 pieces for Mommy!
My girl and me.

Just in case we didn't get it the first time. Notice I am sporting an Astros visor. I hate the Astros. I really don't like visors. Not sure why I was wearing it.

Our goal the entire time was to get a pic of all of the kids. We did it, sort of :)

Sweet Layla in her beach outfit from us. It was almost too late -- I admittedly got lazy and didn't mail it way back when I purchased it in April - and it almost didn't fit. But Lisa assures me she can wear it a couple of more times. She's a long girl!

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