Blog Envy and Other

Ok, so being relatively new to this whole "blogging world" out there - I am suffering from a couple of what I hope are common conditions:

1. I have "blog envy" - seriously. I read all of these other posts (read: blogstalk apparently is the lingo) & I am just blown away by the creativity, humor, saavy, sensitivity, etc etc etc that others write with. The way people are able to transfer seemingly uninteresting daily activities into witty, engaging stories just amazes me. And irritates me. I am green right now.

2. I have a "blog brain" now. Things will happen & I'll be like, "man, that would make a great post.". Then I move onto my other important daily activities (note: check facebook updates 100 times & recheck email every 2 minutes) and forget what the hell I was going to blog about. Ughhh!! I need to write these ideas down. Cause then they're gone. And thus, you get a post like this.

I have realized that I lead a pretty boring life. I love my life & I wouldn't change it, don't get me wrong - but we're talking seriously the highlight of my day is hitting up the local Sonic (ahhhh, the deliciousness that is a large $.99 diet coke!!). But from a day to day perspective, there isn't a whole lot of excitement.

In fact, the only blog worthy thing that happened today was at the said Sonic this morning. So, today I was running a little bit late for my normal Sonic run. I am usually there by no later than 11am (because after 11:00am the price goes to $1.72...well, until 2pm and then it is $.86 happy hour - but that's way too late - I need my day to start with the massive caffeine jolt by usually 9)

Annnnnyywwwwayyys... I was running late & was hoping to swing through quickly before meeting a friend for lunch (yes, I realize the retardedness that is getting a humongous diet coke prior to a lunch meeting where I am sure to indulge in another one - deal). So, as always I pull the drive thru - hear the familiar voice that greets me & says "hi, meagan!" - yup, they know me by voice & order. It is pathetic. So, I pull up, swipe the trusty debit card - b/c who really carries $1.07 in cash these days, not me. Windows open - hands me the diet coke - I'm salivating -and about ready to take off until my trusty sonic friend say, "How about those cups?".

What??? I cocked my head and had this bewildered look - much like my dog Max looks I'm sure when he hears an unfamiliar sound outside.

"Cups??", I said.

"Yes, the cups I ordered for you." he said.

OH LORD.. And then it hit me. About a week ago, I was pulling through and he asked me if the church ever used cups. (Look - Sonic may not have the brightest bulbs working there, bless their hearts, but they have some nice ones.)

"ummm, yes," I stuttered. "The church actually does use cups." Wondering where the heck this was going.

"Well, I can get you cups." (almost secretely, like we were arranging a drug smuggling deal)

"Really???... " - Trying to sound enthusiastic about cups. Of all things. look, I was trying to be polite. The guy was being nice.

"Oh yeah, we order them all the time - what size do you want? Do you need straws? I can get you straws. Do you need lids? I can get you lids. I'll have them by Monday. Come on by whenever" He was in a frenzy now. Calm down, guy.

I tried to refuse, saying he didn't have to, but he just kept insisting. So I thanked him profusely, drove away & really didn't think anymore about it. The guy wants to give the church some cups - I'll let him give us some cups. Thinking it might be like 100 at the most.

Boy, was I wrong...

After asking me if I had enough room in my freaking SUV for CUPS (I should have known I was in trouble) - that boy came bounding out the back door with a massive moving size box of CUPS. Literally it took up the whole cargo space in the back of my car. Where Matt & I can usually fit 4 plus suitcases & other luggage/Max gear.

Ooops. This was not was I was expecting. (Nor were the other 4 cars behind me in line.)

Then came the box of lids.

And then a box of straws.

And another box of lids.

And another box of straws.

Get the picture?

Sonic cups, straws and lids for 1,000. Easy.


But the church (and myself!) are very grateful. Now I am just trying to craft a sweet thank you note for the cups.

and lids.

and straws.


Amy said...

Shut up! You're hillarious! I love reading you posts! What's great about your blog is that you can take the normally mundane things in life and make them funny! And worth reading about! Write on sister!

chatty kathy said...

and I get "blog-envy" now!