It's the little things...

So yesterday, I had a pretty yucky day. I feel very blessed because honestly I just don't have many of these anymore. I mean I have the "blah days'" but very rarely do I have the ones where I am truly in a mega-funk, glaring at everything, snapping at everyone (even poor Max who just looks at me, well, with sad puppy-dog eyes), and just can't seem to escape the pall.

And what irritated me even more was the gorgeous weather we had yesterday and I couldn't even drag myself outside to enjoy it just a little. I know, pathetic.

I don't know what it was...chalk it up to PMS, stress, missing my husband, burned out from work, in need of a vacay, missing my mom or perhaps all of the above. Either way, I was not in my happy place.

So pardon my cheesiness, but as I was showering last night, I just started thinking about tomorrow (which is now today) - and how this day was going to be different. Because I am going to make it different. No more black cloud. So I started thinking about the little things that make me happy. That truly bless my life. And all those little things surely add up to one big thing - and one happy day :)

My Little Things List:
(And in case you didn't notice the "cheese" warning up above - here it is again - This will be cheesy and sappy and will probably leave a few rolling their eyes. But let's face it, I'm a pretty cheesy, sappy girl - so this list is "pure meagan" if you will):

1. Long-distance patio chats @ 10pm with a great friend who makes me laugh, cry (in a good way) & whose heart just inspires me. How we can bounce from the trials & tribs of Jon & Kate to invitro to books to husbands back to invitro to baby's belly laughs is nothing short of amazing! No wonder guys get lost when they try to follow women's conversations - they would not have had a chance last night to even catch their breath... :)

2. An amazingly sweet husband who left me an amazingly sweet card (on my computer - where he knew that would be the first place I would go in the morning! Most people it might be the bathroom sink/cereal bowl/coffee pot. Not me. It's the computer. Kinda sad) when he departed for his business trip. It's become a ritual for us. I hide a note in his bag for him to find when he unpacks and he leaves me a card. Awwwww. Yes, you can roll your eyes now.

3. Clean sheets on the bed. Enough said.

4. A fresh cup of French Vanilla roast Folgers since Matt won't drink it if he's here. So it's my special treat when he's gone.

5. A lunch out of the house today with a great friend on a beautiful day! No microwave meals!

6. My morning devotional time when God never fails to reveal something either inspiring, challenging, thought-provoking or encouraging to me.

List to be continued...it's only 8:00am :)

7. BEAUTIFUL HOUSTON WEATHER - enough said. only happens for about 2 weeks out of the year. However, I have found that while I have always said I want to live in a less-humid environment - it seems my hair doesn't know what to do without the extra moisture. It was FUNKY today. And my skin is super dry. Apparently after 7 years I am acclimating to the Gulf Coast humidity levels of 110%

8. Talking to my husband - who is hundreds of miles away floating in the gulf somewhere. That I even can talk to him is nothing short of a miracle.

9. Baked chimichangas in the oven - yes, I cooked tonight instead of "microwaving" as I usually do when Matt is gone. But since I don't have anyone to cook for, dinner starts a little late :)

10. My boss telling me to "take it easy & relax". Wow. I don't know many bosses that say that.

11. My dog sweetly laying on my lap as I watch American Idol. What a sweetie. Who misses his Daddy.

Of all these "little" things I am so grateful and so incredibly blessed. May I remember these every day and not be bogged down by the bad.

What are the "little things" that make a big difference to you?

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