Jon & Kate - Plus Probate?

So I do realize that I have a mild (ok, strong) addiction to celebrity/gossip magazines. I like to escape and read this stuff - it's no doubt entertaining & a time-killer. But I cringe when I actually see "real people" collide with this tabloid fodder.

Regardless of how you may feel about Jon & Kate, whether previously you were on "Team Kate" or "Team Jon" - i don't think anyone could watch that show tonight and not feel anything but disgust and purely on team "Gosselin Kids". They didn't ask for that crap, to be followed by relentless photographers & to become some sort of sick pawns in their parent's games.

I watched the show in it's entirety tonight (and if I must be honest, I watched a good portion of the marathon that was on this weekend hoping to scout out signs of what went wrong. I know, don't tell me - I need to get out more. Did I add this was AFTER I had planted brand-new plants and bushes in our flower beds and spread new mulch and did 4 loads of laundry - Better??).

What I saw is a family who got completely caught up in everything that is NOT real life...no matter that they have a "reality" show. The last couple of years have been anything but reality for that family.

Reality was when they were struggling to make ends meet.

Reality was when they were both home with their children.

Reality was when they didn't have massive amounts of staff on call, full of nannies, PR people, PA's etc.

Reality was when they were not followed by papparazi.

This family was lured in by money, fame, fortune - and all in the process was caught up in the devil's trap.

I try often not to get on my soapbox b/c I more than anyone know how easy it is to fall prey to the greener grass on the other side. Been there. Done that. And found emptiness.

I looked at the house tonight on TV - this beautiful house with a massive kitchen, exposed brick, gorgeous centerpieces and amazing landscaping - and for a second, I was like "wow, I would love to have that." And then I caught myself. What are you going to do with a house like that if it is filled with nothing but bitterness & resentment & the parents sleeping on oppposite sides. How sad.

Daily, I must sadly admit, that I think of what I would do if I had more, could do more, be more. I would improve my house this way, build this, plant that, move here, buy this, get that --- but that means nothing.

NOTHING in this world is worth trading your husband, wife, family & integrity. And I am not saying that Jon Or Kate did that intentionally or purposefully. But now they find themselves entagled in this web & can't even find each other anymore. I don't know what it's like to be that far apart - but I do know what it's like to be heading in that direction. It's lonely, scary & full of hurt.

So, I probably won't watch that show again - and I pretty much refuse to read another article about them - I pray that they find healing & can come back together. And if that is all lost, that they may all find peace and happiness in being apart but continuing to parent those children together.

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Lisa said...

I couldn't agree more. What a sad sad show last night. I wonder what will happen to them, to the kids, to that life. I'll be honest I'll probably still watch, but not sure they can even see that its the show that got them to where they are today.