Wedding Day (not really) & Random

Ok, so for about 2 1/2 hours I was a bride again...so much fun - especially since I didn't have any of the other wedding stress to worry about & a good friend was taking the pics and not my stoned-out (seriously) photographers at my wedding.

Back Story: my friend Kendra is getting her photography business up and going. Needs brides. For bridal portraits. Meagan has dress. Meagan, by some miracle, still fits in dress. I love my friend. Enough to take pictures when I hate taking pictures. Done deal.

It seriously was so much fun, though - we just drove all around Katy, laughing and talking and somehow I hope she got some good shots. For her. Not me. But I'm a little vain. If they are going to be on a website somewhere, I would prefer I look halfway decent. Anyways, here are some of the results below. Don't know about the "model" but the photographer is really good :) Love you, Kendra! She even capped off the deal with a trip to Sonic & a delicious dinner with our hubbies (mine of almost 6 years - so that's why it was a trip to put on the dress!) It made me a little sad to take it off b/c I really think that may be the last time. Oh, well. Save it for my daughter. So she can laugh at me and say "Mom, you wore THIS???!!!!".

Train Station - there are more of these shots. I LOVED them b/c it reminded me of New Orleans and the trolley car rentals I wanted for my bridal party that sadly was not meant to be.
(There apparently was a "Trolley Car Convention" the weekend of my wedding in Arlington. Who would've thunk it?)
From up above. Challenging shot since Kendra isn't like 6' tall. She stood on her tippy toes and raised her camera and took this blind to get this shot. We need to get her a step stool pronto.

This was at Sonic - the last stop of the evening. Go figure.
I didn't want to go prior to the shoot b/c I was afraid of the inevitable bathroom trip in a wedding dress.

This ground was so dirty - I had dirt up to my calves. Don't ask.

Formal shot - I LOVE my veils. Thanks, Mommy :)
And while we are on the Sonic subject (see: 3 pics above). This past Monday I cheated. On my normal Sonic. I had to go check the PO Box for work in Pecan Grove and so I stopped at the Sonic there. Tragedy, I know.
Here's my issue: I've already referenced the fact that I very rarely carry cash. I just don't see the need. However, on this particular day I pulled in and discovered one crisp dollar bill in my wallet - what??? I never have cash. And then I pulled out a quarter - whoa, seriously?? So the lady takes my order, large diet coke as usual, and it's $1.06 total. I still don't understand why this Sonic is 1 cent cheaper than "mine" but whatever. So I have my crisp dollar bill and quarter in hand, ready to go.
Lady comes out - I will say fairly quickly for this Sonic (they are historically sllloooowwww) - hands me my drink (ahhhhhhhhh), I give said money, and she JUST GRABS IT & WALKS AWAY and SAYS "Thanks", pretty much as she is hitting the door to go back inside. WHAT???
Before you think I am a heartless pig who doesn't want to give this hard-working woman my extra change, let's examine.
I was planning on tipping. I see no problem with tipping. I actually enjoy tipping, especially if service has been good & fast & accurate, which are pretty much my only requirements for Sonic. I have been known to actually make Matt or my mother tip extra.
But this is what completely IRKS me: It was the assumption of the tip. At least have the decency to say, "I'll be right back with your change" and allow me the return of "Oh, no don't worry about it. Have a good day."
I do realize that $.19 is not an earth-shattering amount - but it's the complete expectation that it was hers to keep!!!! YUCK! Have better manners. When you go to a restaurant and hand over your debit/credit card to be swiped, does the waiter immediately add on the tip they think they deserve? I think not. They allow you the courtesy of being able to calculate it yourself. That's the privilege of being a customer.
See... that teaches me to carry cash - from now on the Pecan Grove Sonic gets debit cards only.
My Sonic, well, I have 1,000 cups (and lids) (and straws) stashed away in my garage so if they don't want to give me the change from a $20 bill for a $1.07 diet coke - well, that's just fine by me.


Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures! How fun to wear your dress again!! My is all pretty in a box... maybe I should just donate it or sell it??

I also know what you mean about sonic. I ususally plan to tip, but sometimes they do assume! The other day I had the sweetest little girl and I felt terrible I paid with credit card and only change in my car. I managed to rummage $1 (she was so nice... she had to go back and change something for my 3 year old that can't make up her mind!!). ps... glad you are having a better day today :)

Amy said...

Oooooo, I would have been so
p!ssed! I would have been up outta my car and after that

Fun pics!!!