When Mom is Right...

Mom & Me. Isn't she just so darned cute?!?

Well, when mom is right...she's right. And she's almost always right. Ughhhh, how frustrating is that??!!

1 week ago Matt & participated in Relay for Life - stayed up all night (well, except for my hour nap) and didn't go to sleep until 7:30am on Saturday morning. Exhausted, I talked to my mom after I woke up that day. Here's a brief summary of the end of our conversation:

Me: " I think we are going to hang out this afternoon. Watch some TV, read & then meet some friends out for a birthday dinner."

Mom: "Well, take it easy, you were up all night. You don't want to make yourself sick"

Me: "Yeah. ok, whatever Mom - Love you."

End of conversation. Fast forward a few days. Starting to get achy Thursday. Wake up Friday full blown sinus pain and my ear hurts. Miserable. Supposed to go to Austin but postpone going until Saturday morning so I can get a good nights sleep. Wake up Saturday. More miserable. Hurts to swallow. Glands swollen. Austin trip abandoned. Kiss on forehead from Matt (he has to go to Austin for mom's day). Drag myself to Urgent Care to get there before they open so I didn't get the "oink oink" (ie: swine flu or whatever the hell other germs are lurking in that place 'o nasty). Leave an hour and half later with 3 prescriptions, massive headache, sinus infection, fever AND EAR INFECTION. Who gets ear infections at 29??

I should have known. When mom says that, it is almost always right. Did I "take it easy"? Noooooo... I did everything I normally would have done in a weekend, plus stayed up late every night this past week working & doing God knows what. Probably reading blogs. And now I am paying the price.

So, Mom, here's your Mother's Day gift...You are almost always right! If I didn't love you so much, it would drive me crazy.

But then I was thinking (on my way home after a $70 stop at Walgreens for said prescriptions)...how lucky am I to have such a wise, smart & incredible mother?!! And not just with predicting illness (although she has crazy good skills when it comes to that), but with just about everything. Her outlook on life is incredibly perceptive. Her knowledge of people. Her brilliance in just about everything she works on, from the creative to the more business-like. Her advice. Her compassion. Her easy-going nature. Her love and the way she loves.

The twins - apparently we look alike?

I am so blessed to have a mom who is still my mother at 29 years old. Yes, she is one of my best friends. She knows me better than most in this world. We have a fabulous time going shopping, going out to dinner, traveling together. But sometimes a girl, even a 29 year old girl, still needs her mom. And she is still that to me. Thank God. I've always said that my Dad was my steady and stoic "rock" here on Earth, but my mom has always been and will continue to be, the glue that holds me together.

Mom with me, Christina & Blaine

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

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Lisa said...

We are very lucky to be so close to our moms! And yes you do look a lot like your mother... same face shape and eyes and smile!