Austin Family Christmas 2011, Part 2

Well, it seems only fair for there to be a "Part 2" to the Austin Christmas, considering Dallas had 3 parts. But in all fairness, we were in Dallas longer so there was more to record.

And in all honesty, this morning I was organizing pictures and found these from our last day in Austin. So technically, they would have worked perfectly in yesterday's post. Especially when talking about "Shadow". Here are some more fun Austin pictures and THEN we will close out 2011 - and I can hopefully purchase my 2011 blog book. And my 2010 one as well. Perhaps the one from 2009, too? I'm a little behind.

Quinn playing outside at Ma's

Ryan running from "Shadow"

Quinn loves to slide

There ya go!

Oh you know, just hanging with "Flamingo"

Quinn can actually throw the ball pretty well - when she's not stealing it from her brother and running away.

See - "Shadow"

Back in the playroom

The bond continues

Ady - and teeth!

Whatcha baking, Ry guy?

This is blurry but I love the bubble Quinn had on - courtesy of Gigi!

Waiting to open presents! Again!

Ma and Grandma Goober

Me and Ma

Uncle Zebbie and Ryan - he looks beat again!

I forgot the mention that one of the hit presents, especially with Ryan, was sunglasses! As opposed to last summer when the kids would not keep them on to save their lives (and eyesight) at the beach, they were loving their sunglasses. Ryan wore them all the way home, even as he crashed. He pretty much thinks he's hot stuff when he's wearing them.

See - I so cool : )
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