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I don't know what my problem has been lately, but I haven't been able to put together a coherent sentence, much less a blog post. Massive case of writer's block and communication, which isn't a great thing for someone who works in communications and marketing : ) Anyway, I did want to record a few things for posterity and update y'all on what's happening around here --- potentially not the most entertaining but definitely things I want to remember for the kids.

Anyway, in no particular order - your exciting reading for the day.
  • Quinn said her first 3 word phrase this past weekend: "Look at that!". Clear as a bell and music to our ears. She was in the midst of opening up a fun gift from Ma who was in town and got really excited about some cute spring clothes. She is soooo my daughter! I was starting to get a little worried about the twin's speech because I know by now that a lot of toddlers are saying more phrases at this point. However, I am trying to get better about not comparing what's going on with other kids their age. It's ok to a point, but each child does their own thing on their own time. And I knew the capability was there --- they both babble incessantly --- but in "twin speak". It would be nice if they would let me in on the translation of that.
  • Ryan also put together his first phrase just yesterday: "See that!" Big, big deal for him since he is the more quiet of the two. Who knew that these little phrases could bring tears to my eyes? But I am just so proud of them and how far they have come. And now that we've had these breakthroughs, I have a feeling more and more are to come. First one who says "I love you" gets an extra deposit in the college savings account. Kidding. Sort of. : )
  • Quinn has officially "graduated" from ECI! We have only used their dietician sevices for the past year and a half or so to help Quinn gain weight for her surgery and then post-surgery to ensure that she regained and maintained. Well, the first month after her surgery, she not only got caught up but flew up the charts to a spot she's never been -- almost 18th percentile or so if I remember correctly. The next month, although she didn't gain weight, she grew a full inch in less than 4 weeks. Crazy! So happy for that --- and for my budget since she now fits back into her old jeans perfectly and even better than before. So we decided that this little one is going to grow just fine. She will probably always be on the small side, but hey, her momma 'aint huge, so what did we expect? 5'10 was never in her future.
  • Both twins have gotten much more adept at using their forks and spoons for independent eating. They do great with the forks at dinner and love, love being able to scoop their own yogurt. The cutest part: after they get a bite on their own into their mouth, they both immediately go "Mmmmmmmmm!". Does it taste better eating off a fork versus shoveling it in with their hands? Probably :)
  • We finally feel comfortable enough to bathe the kids at the same time if we are by ourselves. We are super, super careful and it takes some coordination, but they get such a kick out of being in the tub together. Ryan constantly splashes Quinn like any other mature little boy and Quinn uses the washcloth to try to wash him up. It's so cute. And they are both getting great at holding the toothbrush AND brushing their own teeth. I don't know how clean they get them so I always do a follow up, but mostly then do it on their own. Big kids :(

  • I received my first gash and heavy bleeding courtesy of one of my children. I've accidentally gotten hit in the nose multiple times, but never had actual blood flow. Anyway, Ry Guy got a little too excited about the new plastic plates that Ma got him. I guess he was trying to show me the plate and instead caught me across the brow with the plate. I am not ashamed to say that I almost immediately started to cry from the pain, so I kinda army crawled behind the couch so he wouldn't see my huge tears. I didn't want to break his sensitive heart since I knew he had not done it on purpose. When Matt came to check on me, the first thing he said was "Ok, we need to go to the bathroom and whatever you do, don't look in the mirror." Well, of course that set me in a panic, especially when I put my hand to my face and pulled it back to see it covered in red. Awesome. The plate caused a pretty decent gash just below my eyebrow and just because of where it was, it wouldn't stop bleeding. I think stitches were probably in order, but I had about zero desire to go sit in some ER for a few hours on a Saturday when we had family in town. So Dr. Matt ran to the store for some butterfly strips and professionally applied liquid bandaid (OMG that stuff burns like HELL) and patched me up with tape. Cute look. Like someone said on my facebook page, it's amazing that anything can be turned into a weapon in the hands of a toddler.
  •  The blood continues --- we had to take some more family pictures recently for an area magazine (they asked me to write an article about Q's journey and wanted some accompanying pictures). And you know how much I just LOVE pictures, right? (mild sarcasm). It's no easy feat to get 2 toddlers and 2 adults coordinated somewhat without looking like THAT family. So after much stress and a trip to the mall, I nailed down the outfits, actually got my make up done (what? Vanity much?) and we headed to a local park. Not 2 shots in, both babies busted it down 3 steps. Quinn came out mostly unscathed, but Ryan took a pretty good beating. Blood all over his forehead and nose with a pretty decent welt to go along with it. She assured us she could photoshop it out. I haven't seen the photos yet but hoping that's true. No more family pictures for awhile. I need a break. And shamefully, besides with my i-phone, I've been on an anti-camera kick in the New Year. I need to get on the ball but it seems I am too busy chasing R&Q than to take actual pictures of them.
  • A little more mayhem - we've decided it's time to move. This house has always been our "five year home" and then we planned to move on. Well, 2 babies later, who need to be separated at some point and would really like a game room (I mean, momma would really like the game room), it's about that time. We went crazy for about a week thinking we were going to put money down on a lot almost immediately but regained our senses and are truly starting the home search process. And not to mention, the prep-house-for-sale process. The former is exciting, the latter is a huge pain and proving to be somewhat costly. Guess I shouldn't have driven through the garage wall when I was preggers. Anyway, hopefully sometime this year we should be outta here and into something new or new to us. Should be interesting. We've never actually moved with stuff. In our first move to Louisiana, Matt's company assisted with the move but we virtually owned nothing but a few pieces of used furniture, clothes, and assorted wedding gifts. Our 2nd move to the condo was just down the road and again we didn't have many things at that point. And in the 3rd move to Houston, we literally had nothing. Just enough stuff to fill a Honda CRV - and it wasn't even that full. Thanks, Hurricane Katrina. So now, 6 years of acquiring, 2 babies and all of their stuff, whoa - this should be interesting. Matt doesn't know it yet, but even if we only go 5 miles down the road, we are totally hiring movers.
So that's a little bit about what's going on here. Chasing crazy toddlers who are wearing me thin, working when I can during naps, Little Gym classes, playdates, and then all four of us completely crashing at night. Life is busy, but good busy --- but I need a nap! Hopefully next time we "speak", I'll have some more exciting updates to share and heaven forbid, some actual pictures : ) (And perhaps that the kids had their first Mother's Day Out experience? We'll see!!)

In Him,

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Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

too funny! two kids should read "two mommys needed".. it is for sure a full time gig..nobody's gettin much shut eye with more than one child..keep your chin up momma