Mommy's Little Helper

So, pretty often I may have referred to Quinn on here as a bit of a troublemaker. In the most loving way of course. This past week I've seen a different side to Quinn - one that wants to help Mommy with everything. It's so cute. I give her piles and piles of clothes and she'll carry them to the laundry baskets. She's like my personal little pack mule.

Anyway, she's also become particularly helpful when chasing down Ryan. When I'm trying to corral the twins, I'll yell for Ryan and Quinn yells for him right along with me. She goes "Iannnnn", "Iannnn". We can't say our "R's" yet but pretty cute anyway.

Yesterday, I caught her doing this when Ryan was climbing where he shouldn't. I literally had left the room for a minute and caught them doing this. Of course, I didn't have my camera the first time, so like any good parent, I left the room so they would do it again.

 I expect my "mother of the year" trophy to arrive in the mail at any moment.

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