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My friend Tiffanie is hosting her first-ever blog "party" if you will, where every Thursday we will post our "Products of the Week". She's done it on her own for awhile now and she always has fun, unique stuff featured (which she's not compensated for - she just happens to love the product!). Anyway, now we can get in on the action and post what we love right now. Make sure you visit her page to grab some other fun ideas!

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This week mine is Moroccan Oil. I was first introduced to this awesomeness about a year ago from my hairstylist. Actually, he gave me a freebie because he was running so behind one day and he felt badly. It was a sweet little free deal, considering this stuff 'aint cheap. But it's soooo wonderful and lasts a really long time.

I have naturally wavy/kinky/random thick hair and I have been trying to grow it out forever. But it seems it would always reach a point where I would just get irritated and cut it all off just to start again. But now I have been committed for well over a year and it's finally starting to pay off. And I can thank this little beauty for it. You would think it would make your hair totally greasy but it truly doesn't. You just simply add a small, dime-sized amount to towel dried hair and dry/style as normal. It serves to help keep it straight by closing in the cuticles and moisturizes at the same time. Now my hair doesn't get all of those frizzy fly-aways, even on the most humid days. And it smells yummy! Highly recommend. They actually have a whole line of products by my SAHM budget doesn't really allow for that splurge. If you've tried any of the other stuff, let me know what's worth it and what's not!

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Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

LOVE this stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

And I hate that our get together didn't happen. We must try again, ok?

Lisa Johnson said...

Sounds amazing. Will look for this product asap!

Alyssa said...

I might need to try this stuff! My hair has a mind of its own!

Twist of Dazzle said...

Just bought this product for my daughter last month! It is awesome it is a favorite of ours too!

Lisa said...

I need this stuff!! Thankf for the tip girlie!