Product of the Week: Life Planners

Yay, it's "Product of the Week" time again! I had so much fun last week looking over everyone's choices for their products. I encourage you to go take a peek today and see what's being featured.

And seeing that I am experiencing writer's block like never before, this at least allows me to get a post out there for the things I am loving right now : )

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This week (well, actually since I got it back in September), I am LOVING my Erin Condren Life Planner. And when I say love, I mean heads-over-heels, can't live without, take your breath away, kind of love. Ok, so maybe that's a little strong, but seriously this planner just makes me smile.

While I have the technology to be able to set appointments via phone or computer, I still prefer the old-fashioned method of writing it down and crossing it off. I love to see what my week looks like, scratch out appointments, write in new ones --- and for my a-type persona, plan in advance effectively.

Monthly pages so you can see what's happening any particular month - oh, and it comes with stickers to mark special occasions like wedding, birthdays, parties, and more!

These are the weekly pages - separated by morning, day, and evening. So much space for one day - I love it!

Plus, are these not adorable? I love the personalization and fun features. And I love that the pages are easy to flip through on a nice spiral that never gets stuck. I keep my planner right by the phone on our counter and everything, and I mean everything, goes in that bad boy. I even have Matt jotting down his plans now so it's truly a family planner. Oh, I love, love, love.

This is actually the design I got. It suits me perfectly and has my favorite color combo. But they have tons of others.
I loved it so much that we gave no less than 4 away for Christmas gifts this year. I think they liked it, but I don't think anyone was quite as nerdy as I am about mine. I did hear a rumor that my mom carries hers to and from work though --- and when I called her the other day to check on some plans for March, she said "Hold on, let me check my planner."

Oh, be still my heart. ha : )

Go check them out! Plus her site has all sorts of yummy other things --- personalized cases for i-phones (hello, Matt!), stationery, desk calendars, and more. Enjoy!

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dottie said...

I've heard so much about these. Must be good.

Alyssa said...

I got mine back in Nov. and love it! I like that there's extra space at the beginning of each month. I'm planning the valentines party for my son's class and can keep everyone's contact info, who's bringing what, and misc. all together. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Yup, I'm obsessed with these!!!!

Becky Branch said...

I have one but I hardly ever use it because it's so big and my arm will fall off if I carry it around all day...I need to use it though!