Our Weekend In Pictures...sort of

So I mentioned last week that I haven't done a good job of taking pictures. I would like to say that I caught some great images this weekend and would have some wonderful pictures to post. Unfortunately, my children NEVER.STOP.MOVING. so pictures are becoming almost impossible. I did happen to catch a few with my i-phone, thus the somewhat questionable quality.

Did I catch some pictures of the kids running around like crazies at the Build a Bear workshop for their friend Grayson's 2nd birthday in their precious smocked outfits (cupcake pant set for Quinn and cordoruy steam boat for Ryan)? Nope.

How about Quinn shoving down at least 10 Chick Fil A chicken nuggets at the same party, plus one full piece of cookie cake? Nope.

Or the buddah belly she acquired afterwards. No again.

Or the twins all dressed up for their 2nd trip to the church toddler/preschool room now that we have a schedule that allows it? Nope.

I did manage however to catch these precious images when Matt was leading the youth at Bible study last night. While he was talking about the word of God, I was feeding my children oreos and letting them do this:

This is how we roll in the Clanahan house - keeping it classy, Ry Guy.

I don't think this is what Ma had in mind when she bought them these precious chairs.

First oreo experience. Most expectedly, Ryan took his apart and licked the cream and then sucked on the chocolate wafer part until it was almost non-existent. Quinn just shoved all the deliciousness in her mouth at one time, like she does with most sweet things. She is definitely my girl.

This past weekend we also had some handymen out to repair our fence and gate that was damaged by Ike - oh yeah, like 3 1/2 years ago. Our ability to procrastinate is unmatched. Anyway, this provided a good 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted entertainment for the twins to watch the guys at work.

And this? This is just gross. We finally cleaned out the kids toy bins to get rid of some of the newborn things that they  never use anymore. This was the before. I, of course, didn't take pictures of the after, but trust that it is so, so, so much better. Now they can actually see what they have to play with. And we made some room to finally bring in the Christmas gifts we bought them but never gave to them once we found out how much they got from our families. This year they will get our Christmas gifts (a golf set for Ryan, a Little Peoples race track thing, a stroller for Quinn, and 2 twin baby dolls) on Valentine's Day. I don't think we'll get away with that next year with Santa but this year it worked out : )

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