Back At TCH

No, that's not a mispelling or a typo - we are back at TCH. There is sooooo much more that goes behind this story, so I will try to weave out just the important details. As referenced yesterday, we saw our pediatrician this morning - he called for a chest xray, and sure enough, a large pleural effusion was found (on her left side), along with what could be pneumonia. He immediately contacted the cardioligists on call & sent over the xray and we were told to go immediately to the ER.

I ran home, threw a few things in a bag and headed up there. Long story short, TCH seems to have a bit of a communication (sarcasm highly intended) problem. After Quinn enduring hours of pain, 4 IV attempts, and more xrays, we finally received relief with morphine. And we have finally been transferred back up to the 15th floor where they we reevaluate in the morning and see what's going on and how they want to treat it. I have so much more I want to write about this - and how irritated I am with our so-called path of treatment, but anger has to come later. Right now, Quinn is priority.

So again, we are back on duty on 15th floor. Thankfully I have the best husband ever who rescued me tonight and sent me home to attempt a good night's sleep & hug my little Ryan. So Matt is up there with Quinn tonight and we will begin flip-flopping once again tomorrow.

I don't even know what to say beyond this - please be in prayer for the doctors as they meet tomorrow and try to figure out the cause of this continuing effusion, pray for Quinn's release for pain, pray that Matt & I are articulate and advocate proactively for our daughter's health, and pray that little Ryan will adjust to the changes that keep on coming to his little life.

Love to you all,

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