Recovery Day 1...Again :)

So I have probably flooded y'alls blogger readers with all of these updates, but did just want to take a minute to let you know how Quinn is doing. So far, so good. Praise God!

When we saw her yesterday after surgery, it wasn't nearly as shocking as it was the first time - I guess that's one bonus for having gone through this again. The tubes weren't nearly as scary and to us, well, she just looked beautiful. She actually looked quite peaceful and comfortable which was such a sight for our sore eyes. Dr. Fraser came in again to check on her before he left for the day and was very pleased. Her liver had already started to soften and move back up. It's still not in the exact right place but getting there.

I was obviously pretty emotional after such a long day, so when we met with Fraser the first time after the surgery was complete I was drained. I assumed we probably wouldn't see him again until the next day so it was a pleasant surprise to see him in her room later on. Through all of this, he has been mostly "business" so I've respected that and tried not to be over effusive as I so typically am. But by the time we saw him late afternoon, I just couldn't help but cry. I actually told him that I didn't know if he liked hugs, but that if he would let me, I would like to hug him. And he got a big grin on his face and said "I am so a hug guy". Who would have guessed??? So he gave me the biggest hug and I just cried like a baby. Such a sweet moment for us given the man who has now saved my daughter's life twice. I think I even saw a welling of a tear in Matt's eyes in that moment. It brought everything back down to a human level and I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Fraser's compassion for our family and our daughter.

So last night (Saturday night), we actually had the same nurse who admitted her to the 18th floor the first time. As sad as the situation is, it was so comforting to see people who remembered us and remembered sweet Quinnie. She is an amazing nurse and does an awesome job of explaining everything to us in terms we can understand. So last night we felt comfortable enough to leave for a quick dinner, then returned for awhile to be with Quinn. Matt then left to be home with Ryan and I remained behind for a couple of hours and then headed to one of my best friend's house (Katie), who lives just minutes from the med center. We are incredibly grateful for her and Ryan's generosity in letting us stay so often and being so generous with their time. It was so comforting to get back to a comfortable place, have some good conversation and debriefing, and then head to bed in a cozy place where I knew I wasn't far from Q. I didn't have a great night sleep -- I just kept thinking of Quinn and fearing my phone would ring at any second, so by 5:00am, I abandoned sleep, quickly dressed and freshened up and headed back to the hospital.

Quinn had a great night and was doing well when I got there. I was able to catch the doctors' rounds which is always very interesting and I like to know exactly what's going on, what medicines are being administered and why, and overall her report, instead of hearing it second-hand. The doctors were incredibly gracious in answering all of my questions and all in all, they were very calm and happy with how she was doing.

They still are being very conservative in bringing her out of sedation and taking her off the ventilator as well. She had a few moments where she seemed to wake in pain, but they quickly took care of that. The other times she opened her eyes she seemed peaceful and comfortable. The moment of the day: she woke, opened her eyes, looked directly at me, held her hand out (which of course is covered in IV's and tape), then did this mouth-popping thing that we always do. She popped her mouth together first and then I did it, then she did it back again. Be still my heart. I may have just lost it right about then.

They have managed her pain well all day and have started to wean the ventilator settings. She is already breathing over the vent, which is a great sign. There's no sign of complications yet or any effusion, but they will be watching closely. They started her back on the diuretics to clear out any remaining fluid. Her chest tubes are still draining fluid but it's growing clearer, which is just what they want. We found out yesterday that the effusion was more serious than what was visualized on the xrays --- they were thinking it was mostly clearing up, but the fluid was actually quite significant and a little bit of a surprise to the doctors. So another "thank goodness we caught this" moment.

Sorry this update is all over the place - I am a little foggy. I was able to come home today once Matt and I switched places and hang with my little man. I had not seen him since Friday morning and was just aching to wrap my arms around him. He was completely loved on by my brother and sister-in-law the past few days --- they took him to the park, to the swings, tooks him for rides in his "car". We are so grateful they were here and got in a little bit of baby practice (hint, hint - are you ready for one yet???!!!). Matt's mom & my mom tagged team last night to take care of Ryan and now my mom is here for a little while until Matt's mom returns later this week. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family and friend base around us -- there's no way we would have kept any amount of sanity without their support (and yours!).

Anyway, the next few days will probably be CVICU which is just FINE by us. The staff is amazing, it's one-on-one care and we feel so comfortable with the care Quinn receives there. Not to knock the 15th floor recovery unit, but it's just a different world of care. We aren't even making plans to move down - nice, slow and steady is our direction this time around.

I'll try to post again tomorrow with more updates - it may be a little difficult because I will be on duty but no news will be good news :)

P.S. Gigi (my mom), has been working on Ryan saying "up" anytime he wants to be lifted up instead of him just whining. As I was sitting here typing, he actually said "Gi, Up!" Clear as a bell. Love that kid. He has just made my day in so many ways today --- to hear him belly laugh and have him cuddle with me was just what the doctor ordered for me :)

Love to you all. Trusting in our amazing God.

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