Home, Sweet Home...Again

We are home with little miss Princess, Quinn - all decked out in her red Dorothy slippers (given from a sweet friend of my mom's).  We actually got home yesterday afternoon (Monday) and things have been a little crazy since then. In a good way. And a little bit of a stressful way making sure we hold her correctly, adminster meds at the right time, keep her away from her germy brother who has grown understandbly clingy in the past week, wash loads of "hosptial germ clothes" and the list goes on... Thank goodness Matt's brother Christian was wonderful enough to come in town to watch Ryan while we got out, and then stayed until this afternoon to run interference. HUGE help - love you, Christian & thanks to Stacey, Riley & Ady for letting you stay with us for a little while to get settled.

 Anyway, I have much more to write about her homecoming (of course, would you expect anything less than 500 words from me???) - but for now, we are hitting the proverbial wall, so I will leave you with a sweet little video I took about an hour before discharge.

Thank you to Rykert & Libby (my cousin, Q's second cousins) for providing the entertainment for Q. She LOVED those balloons from the moment she opened her eyes for the 1st time on Wednesday afternoon. And if you like knitting/crafting or just want to see my adorable 2nd cousin, Scout, visit Libby's blog...


Love to you all - more to come!!!!

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Libby said...

Ooooh... I'm so glad that she liked them. I told my coworkers all about her story last week (as an aside, they have girls just Quinn's age), and we brainstormed what to send and landed on balloons. But most of all, we're just so glad that she's doing so incredibly well.