Yup, Home Again

This morning I drove back to the hospital to relieve Matt - and got a very welcome surprise present... the news that we were being discharged today (Weds, I think :) ) Quinn's xray was about 90% normal so they decided that it was time for her to go. They feel the rest of the effusion will clear up at home and her pain has definitely decreased in just the past day. I was a little (ok, a lot) nervous to bring her home again, given the pain I saw her in Sunday. I would spend 40 days and nights in the hospital for her to not hurt like that again. However, they assured me she was ready --- that it was actually going to be more dangerous with her weaker immune system to just hang out in the hospital getting "back to the business of Quinnie". We didn't want to risk any secondary hospital infections just by the sheer number of people caring for her.

So we are safe and sound at home --- she did so well coming home and barely moaned. And once we got home and she saw her Gigi, she was all about it : ) She even found time to be a little playful. We took the kids out in their little Tykes cars for a spin around the block & she look refreshed and pleasant to get the fresh air! We haven't seen many smiles yet and certainly not any giggles but we are trying to be patient. It seems almost every hour we see an "old" part of Q emerge. Tonight she sat her in highchair and casually pitched her sippy cup off the tray just because. And I cried. Why? Because that's what the "old" Quinn did -- the newest, hurting Quinn didn't have the energy to toss sippy cups. So for once, it didn't even bother me - it just made me happy. How weird is that??!! Treasure the little things as much as they may annoy you :)

We are still, no doubt, in for a long road. Recovery for Quinn is not in days, but in weeks. But prayerfully each day should be better than the last. We will pray for no more hiccups and no more pleural effusions. Once was enough, thank you very much! And now this very, very tired momma & daddy are off to bed. Love you all, thank you for your prayers.  Blessed beyond measure,

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Lisa Johnson said...

Yay! Praise Jesus! So thankful she chunked the sippy cup off the highchair. That's our girl! :)