Smiles for the Day - Ryan Living It Up with Uncle Blaine & Aunt Christina!

Ryan definitely had some fun times with Uncle Blaine & Aunt Christina. They were sweet enough to take a couple of videos and text them to us at the hospital. It was so good to hear some belly laughs and know that our little boy was well taken care of (and perhaps a little spoiled, too - which he totally deserves). These brought smiles to our face and hopefully will to yours, too :)

The first one is Ryan playing with "catch" with their dog, Putty. Ryan LOVED playing with their dogs - and I believe he flat wore them out. Putty is the smaller sized shelty they have, who is the perfect playmate size for Ryan. They also have Denver, a 120 lb Golden Retriever. Amazingly enough, Ryan was not afraid of Denver in the least, but apparently Denver was scared out of his mind about little Ryno :) ha.

The second one was Ryan's first time to go feed the ducks at our neighborhood park. All those ducks and my son had no fear. He had a blast. Thanks, Blaine & Chris, for taking such good care of our little man!

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