Update #2

Ok, Quinn is still stable and doing well. Her saturations are running anywhere from 98 to 100 (which is great), her blood pressure is normal, and her heart is pumping nice and steady. Dr. Fraser is still working through the scar tissue, being very meticulous to remove all of it to make the tissue nice and clean in preparation for bypass. They anticipate she will be on bypass in the next 30 minutes or so and at that point they will be able to actually get more of a visual of the heart and the leaky patch. And that's where he will get an idea on how to either repair the patch or put on a new one, plus begin sucking out the fluid that remains around her heart.

We expect the next update somewhere around 12:30pm or so. Thank you for your continued prayers. We are reading every message, email, text, and comments you are sending and each one lifts our spirits. We are at peace with everything right now and surprisingly relaxed. I know that sort of peace only comes with the prayers that you are flooding up to the Heavens. We are so grateful.
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Dotty said...

Your family has touched our hearts so much. Our thoughts and prayers are with you from all over the country. From my sister in rehab and folks I work with in kansa city. A candle is lit today for Quinn at ST. Elizabeth Setan. The Panchuks