31 Days - Day #2 Letters from Mommy

Dear Ryan and Quinn,
When your daddy and I first found out we were having twins (once we got over the initial shock), my immediate thought was "best friends forever". Y'all are so lucky to have each other. I pray that you will always be close, respectful of each other, and love always.
Right now you are at the cutest stage where you take care of one another. Quinn, you are Ryan's little caretaker. You always make sure that he has his trucks, shoes, and water. If you see something you think would make him happy, you run over, grab it, then shove it in his face : ) Of course, you also torture him endlessly and like to take back what you've just given him, but we're working on that.
And Ryan, you are so thoughtful with Quinn. The other day she was yelling that she wanted her blankie from her crib. So you ran to the gameroom, emptied out a box that typically holds the refrigerator toys, brought it back to the room in an attempt to rescue "blankie" from the pack 'n play. I just sat there in amazement that you would do something so caring without even being asked.
As you grow older, I hope you will always be just as loving and considerate. Of course, we expect the occasional fights and tormenting, but as a whole, I pray you will always watch out for each other. Your Uncle Blaine and I are so fortunate to have a close relationship. To this day, we speak at least a couple of times a week and I know that no matter what, he is always there for me and I for him. We have grown to be more than just brother/sister, but truly best friends.
Family is first (after God), my little ones. Don't let silly things come between you. As we all get older, relationships become more complicated, but never forget who has been by your side since the very beginning. Cheers to best friends for life!

Love forever


7 months old

Two years old
Love always,
P.S. Today is a very special day --- it is your Gigi's birthday!!! She is such a special woman and she loves y'all so much. She looks at the moon every night, as do we, and we always wave "hi" to Gigi. Big hugs and kisses, Gigi! Mommy is so lucky to have a mother like her. If I can be half of the mom to y'all as she is to me, then I think we will do just fine : )

When you were in mommy's bellly

And now : )

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Cheryl Enlow said...

Great post!! So sweet.

Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that you're doing this. Great to have a blog challenge and especially one so special as this one. xoxo