31 Days: Love Letters from Mommy - Day 5

Yup, I am still behind. But I WILL catch up! Maybe my posts will fall into November, but oh well, right? It's only my a-type personality that it kills : )
Dear Ryan and Quinn,
Today I have been reminded of JOY. Live each day of your life with joy. Whether the day has not gone the way you thought, you are just plain ole busy, or have received bad news, find the JOY. Admittedly, I don't do a great job at this. Your daddy is much better than I. But I am working on it and Mommy will always be a work in progress.
The perfect example is a story I am writing about parents with triplets. Whoa, and I thought twins was difficult - I love you guys, but can't imagine one more. But you know what? Those parents can't imagine one less. Because each child has brought just so much joy into their lives. And they cherish that every.single.day. It has been invigorating and gut-checking to write about them because I realize just how much I get caught up in the day-to-day, schedule madness, etc and I don't stop to realize all the joy in our household.
A few examples from just today:
1. Walking into your room today to "rescue" you for breakfast and you both scream out with glee, "Hiiii!!!". And then when I say "Hi, baby!" to each one of you, you respond back with "Hi, baby!". It's beyond melt your heart, precious.
2. Making construction paper "punkins" today while daddy was at church since we were all under the weather. We made a few different ones, including ones we gave as thank you notes to our sweet neighbors who blessed us with gifts the other night. Loved that time together - just sitting and coloring and chatting about colors. Quinn, you take your crafts VERY seriously and color with strictness. Ry Guy, you are an "anything goes" kid, could care less about the color and you just roll with it. So much fun.
3. Playing "soccer" with the balloons that Daddy blew up the other day. Btw, Mommy still rocks at balloon soccer. It had you in such fits of giggles that I was dying.
4. Bathtime - usually this is Daddy's job but he was unavailable, so it was just me. And I had such fun, just letting you splash, rub shampoo in each other's hair, make silly faces, and then put on the most comfy pjs ever. There is nothing like the smell of clean babies/toddlers. Nothing. Pure joy in all 27-28lbs of you.
5. Going outside to tell the moon and stars good night. Even though you couldn't see them, we still told everything good night. You both were so excited, as you are every night. It is just so inspiring. And then the way you both ran up the stairs to bed and virtually jumped into your cribs, well, that is JOY in my heart : )
I pray you always find JOY in every day. And thank you for being my reminder to find the joy, even on the days where Mom doesn't feel well or doesn't feel like she has been a good mommy/wife/friend/employee. There is always joy to be found. And much of it is because of you two.
Love you much,

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