31 Days: Love Letters from Mommy Day 3

Dear Ryan and Quinn,
I think as parents we often think of ourselves as the "teachers". But I would say that is wrong. You guys have taught me more in 2 years and 4 months than I have learned in a lifetime. I could go on and on about that - but the thing that stands out most in my mind is how you've taught me to appreciate the little things.
You are AMAZED at the most simplistic of things - new flowers you have never seen, a balloon, a "punkin", the moon, the stars, any new noises, a "chug chug" (ie: a dump truck), a hot air balloon on the way to school this morning. I love your excited little faces and your realization that you know what said object is. I love that I can understand you now : ) And it's such a precious reminder of making me look around and see the small little pieces instead of rushing to the next big thing.
As parents, we always want to make sure you have everything you need --- so sometimes we overbuy, overpromise, over-everything ---- when really you are just happy with the little things. The little things that as adults we are too busy to look at or appreciate. But you guys have forced me to slow down and notice the green on the trees or the "roar" sounds of the lawnmower. You love just being in cozy pajamas more so than the supposedly outfits I force you in every day. Gosh, I love you so much for that. You return me to planet earth on a regular basis.
May you always appreciate the little things that God has blessed us all with. May your amazement with the moon, stars, sky, and sun always remain. You seeing and appreciating all of that clears my head of all the "junk" that clouds it on a regular basis. And gosh darn it, I'll say it --- you both are so smart : ) So proud of you and the way your mind works. Love you always.
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