31 Days: Love Letters from Mommy - Day 4

So I am behind a day (or now 2 or 3) already in the challenge but unfortuantely Wednesday night we were hit HARD by illness abound. Thursday we spent 2 1/2 hours at the doctor while they ran tests, did xrays, etc. As it turns out Ryan has an ear infection, plus a virus that is causing him hives --- first ear infection for either child in 2 plus years of life. I'd say we've been lucky.
And Q, poor Q, she was hit hard with a high fever and cough - so much so, that my non-stop, all action girl, actually spent the majority of 2 days on the couch wrapped her nap mat from school. My poor bugs. And as it always happens, Momma went down the drain too and woke up with almost 103 temperature this morning and sinus pressure that makes my eyes fill as though they were bugging out. So there we go, my round of excuses. Now onto Day 4....(just pretend it is Day 4)
Dear Ryan & Quinn,

Today was your Daddy's THIRTY-THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!! He officially sounds older to me for the next 6 months until I turn 33. At any rate, I thought today's letter to y'all should focus around your daddy and what you can learn from him. There will be days that you won't want to listen to either of us or believe we are not "with it", but trust, you have much to learn from your wise father. I woudn't have married him otherwise : ) So here are just a few:

1. No matter what, always love Jesus. Your daddy is first, and foremost, a believer. And everyone who comes in contact with him knows that. He is not in your face about it, but you can see the peace that resonates around him because he knows whose he is.

2. Always have a generous heart. Your daddy is one of the most generous and thoughtful people I know. He always thinks of others and their comfort before their own. He goes out of his way to love on others and to make sure they are taken care of.

3. Work hard to the best of your ability. Kids, your daddy works so hard. And it's not for him, or for his gain in the company. He works so hard for YOU and for us. So that we can have the life we envisioned, one that I can stay home and work part-time and be with you. He is 100% humble about his accomplishments, but has made so many strides within his company. Hard work, dedication, perserverance, and ability to problem solve goes a long way.

4. Be quick to apologize. Lord knows, it takes momma a sweet forever to say that I am sorry, but your daddy says it in almost an instance. Partly because he's not a huge fan of controversy : ) but mostly because he just wants peace, peach in the household and peace amongst us. We have such few hours to all spend together and it's not worth fighting about. He's always been good at just letting go. A good lesson for all of us.

5. Enjoy and live in the free time that we have. Guys, our lives are fast and furious. Mommy & daddy work, you go to school, playdates, Itty Bitty City, etc --- and our time at home with just the four of us is very quick - maybe just 2-3 hours. But your daddy soaks in every single second of that 120-180 minutes. He plays with you from the moment he walks in the door, takes you outside to play with chalk or your cars, helps Mommy get you ready for dinner, bathes you, then watches our last cartoon of the evening, most nights reads you 2 or 3 books, and then we all go tell the moon goodnight and head to bed. He takes every single second to be with you from 5:30-8:00ish. For someone who has been up to provide for us since 4:30PM, you have no idea how blessed you are. How blessed we all are.

Happy Birthday to the best husband and father ever. We love you so much. I know there will be so much that R&Q will continue to learn from you over the years --- even if they may not recognize it until they are 30 : ) YOU are our HEART!

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