31 Days: Love Letters from Mommy - Day 8

Dear Ryan and Quinn,
This is a letter that is just part one of 2 or 3.

Let's touch a bit on manners.
This momma is a big believer in good manners.
It should be always "Yes, ma'am", "No, sir" for everything.
Not "Yeah"
Or "Yup"
But "YES"!
"Please" and "thank you" and "you're welcome" are non-negotiables.
I'm proud to say (and I try not to brag too much on here), but you guys have those three down. It melts my heart.
Even when you are saying "More cookies, pleeasseeeee". (by the way, that usually doesn't fly). But totally adorable when you say "Open it, pweeaseeee" when talking about your play phone.
You definitely have "sorry" down as well and boht of you say it often. Not sure that you always say it appropriately (usually the person who was wronged says "I'm sorry" and I'm pretty sure that is not exactly how it works) But you are using the word.
Next up: lessons on what to call adults - Miss XXX vs Mrs. XXX vs Aunt XXX vs just XXX. I know, it's the south - it is all very confusing.
Next up: thank you notes -  key, key, key, and I will harp on you about writing them until you are 30 years old.
That being said, no "Yups" or "Yeahs" tomorrow, ok? All yes's or peferably yes ma'ams : )
Love you to the moon and back,
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