31 Days: Love Letters from Mommy - Day 7

Yup, still behind. I think the only way I can catch up is if I post more than once a day. I am math genius like that. This one is short and sweet.
Dear Ryan and Quinn,
When you turn 18, you will be blessed with one of the greatest privileges of living in this US of A. A voting card. Use it. I beg of you. You are the FUTURE of our country. I will never tell you who to vote for, we never even have to discuss it --- but exercise the right.
Exercise your privilege.
Speak out and have your opinion of what you like about our country/state/county, etc.
Or what you don't.
This is a key election year and your daddy and I will be fully exercising our right to vote. It's too important not to use our voice.
And your voice IS important.
By the way, the two of you first voted when you were just 5 months old, in the pouring down rain, freezing cold for a November in Texas. Someone took pity on us and our double stroller and allowed us to cut to the very front of the very long line.
I am forever grateful and considering throwing you in the double stroller again this November, just because I know you don't like it and you will probably holler and scream until we leave. Maybe they will take pity on us again. And if they don't... guess what, we're still exercising that right to VOTE!
Love you always,
Your patriotic Mommy : ) 
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