31 Days: Love Letters from Mommy, Day 13

Yup, we are behind again. Or still behind. I blame the weekend. And an untimely dental appointment. At any rate, we keep plugging along : )
Dear Ryan and Quinn,
The other day I was reminded of the "high road".
We had an unfortunate run in with two (ok, I'll say it, kinda mean women) at HEB. Apparently I forced her to wait for 10 whole seconds while I waited for someone to pull out of a spot that was near a cart return. I always park near a cart return for y'alls safety so that I don't have to trek you across the parking lot AND so I can make sure you are safe once I return the cart. No big deal, right?
Well, these ladies thought it was a very big deal apparently. Such a big deal that they chased us all the way to the front doors of the HEB, where they proceeded to read me the riot act about how I was lazy and didn't want to park 10 more spaces away. I tried to explain my philosophy of not having you killed at the grocery, and they weren't having it. Instead of trying to reason with two angry women, I just stopped trying to talk and walked away.
And then I did something I wasn't proud of. And I'm still not.
I said (in a very loud voice) to you, "Ryan and Quinn, do Mommy a favor and never grow up to be that angry and bitter."
At the time, I felt ok about it. I mean, I was mad. And how dare they? And all the feelings of anger and unfairness got the best of me.
In the scheme of things, it wasn't a huge deal. I should have just walked away and shut my mouth.
It wasn't a Christ-like statement I made. And not something that I want to teach you. To always feel like you need to have the last word. Because you don't have to.
See, Mommy makes mistakes, too. And often. That's another good thing for you to know.
But maybe it was a good lesson for you that I messed up. Learn from me. Take the HIGH ROAD whenever possible.
There were always be people who say negative things, who do hurtful things, who cut us off in traffic, or try to bring down our days.
Our goal is to live life with joy and without resentment. And if we constantly sink to that level of bitterness that person is feeling, then we are no better off --- and in fact, bitterness can seep into our hearts.
The fact is, I don't know what set those ladies off that day. I don't know what is happening in their lives to make them in such a way. I pray that whatever it is that's bothering them (and surely not over a parking spot), is resolved and soon. For their sakes. And other people's at HEB.
But we never know the lives we are leading. So if someone is rude to you or unkind, do your best to smile (as difficult as it is), say "I'm sorry you feel that way" and move on. Living life like that - in the long run - is much more pleasant, although it may sting for a second.
That's not say you shouldn't stand up for yourself over a large injustice. No, that's not what I'm saying at all. Jesus didn't let people walk over him. So when you are truly wronged, then by all mean, say your piece (carefully, politely, and prayerfully). But if it's something small like a grocery run in, for the sake of everyone involved, let it go. Take the HIGH ROAD. Represent all that is good in a life with Christ.
All my love,

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